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DR. Smith and his "Crew"...


   Below you will see our staff is comprised of a group of very special individuals who work as a team to care for the animals that loving owners bring to our clinic. This team strives to make your experience as productive and as pleasant as possible.The employees at North Jackson Animal Clinic are family oriented and pet loving people. All together they account for 9 children, 25 dogs-all shapes, breeds, and sizes, 39 cats, 12 horses, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and a chinchilla.

       From doctors, college students, retired teachers, and technicians in training, all are animal lovers, team players, and dedicated health care providers. Many of them work in all areas of the clinic; one moment greeting clients behind the front desk and holding a horse the next. Explore our staff biographies to learn about the people who make our facility an excellent choice for the needs of your pets.


   Dr. Randall "Randy" A. Smith grew up in Bridgeport, Alabama where his family has lived for generations. He graduated from Bridgeport High school in 1970 and went directly to Auburn University to pursue a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Smith graduated from Auburn with the class of 1977. Aware from a young age that the people of this area needed the services of a veterinarian, he came back to help the people with whom he grew up, in the part of the country he loved. Dr. Smith is the father of 3 daughters, Klancie, Hilarie, and Mollie, and now the grandfather to 9 grandchildren, 6 boys and 3 girls.
   Dr. Smith loves the outdoors, is an avid gardener, and is involved in the American Chestnut Foundation. He is a member of the Bridgeport Church of Christ and does some mission work overseas. Dr. Smith has made his life's work to care for the people and animals of this area.

 Kathy_cropped_and_polished.jpg Kathy Smith's official title is office manager, but she is really just the boss's wife. Kathy met and married Randy while they were at Auburn and over the years she has carried many titles, and worn many hats, as they say.

   Kathy grew up in Clinton, Mississippi, the daughter of a fire chief and a registered nurse. Kathy graduated from Clinton High School in 1971 and graduated from Auburn University in March, 1974 with a degree in Education. Kathy taught school from March 1974 until retiring in October 2004. Kathy retired planning to write a book or take "it" easy, but plans changed.

   In February 2005, Kathy came to work at North Jackson Animal Clinic to spend her retirement helping Randy and the staff find ways to improve the services offered at North Jackson Animal Clinic. After leaving her job as an educator, she misses working with children, and she has had to learn how to handle all her new responsibilities, but Kathy finds great rewards helping others.


      We would like to welcome Dr. Tina Hays to our staff. Tina is originally from Rosalie and was a graduate of Pisgah High School. Tina's undergraduate studies were at Auburn and she graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. Tina completed an internship at Illinois Equine Hospital. Tina has lived and worked in South Central Alabama for several years. Tina is the mother of four children and has one grandchild. Tina has a miniature schnauzer who is a diabetic. She looks forward to meeting you.    



    Leanna enjoys working at the clinic and has been married to Scott Mayes for seventeen years and they have two children, Ryan and Hannah. They have 2 cats, Spirit and Lucky and four dogs, Hanger, Sassy, Bear and Baileigh. In her spare time Leanna enjoys spending time with her family and watching Hannah cheer and Ryan on his dirt bike or four wheeler. Leanna looks forward to meeting you. 


  Mollie has worked at the clinic over a period of 10 years. Mollie is married to Brent McBee. She began working here after school during her teenage years and has stuck with us. Mollie graduated from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga with a degree in biology. She is currently attending Northeast Alabama Community College. In her spare time, Mollie enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her family and pets. She is the proud mom of a cat named Stuey and a dog named Itchy and Harvey. Mollie has a passion for all animals and loves working to keep them healthy! She looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends!

lynette fam

    Lynette McCloud has lived most of her life in Bridgeport and has previously substituted in the local school system. Lynette has been married to Darren McCloud for 33 years. They have four children, Kaitlin, Courtney and her husband (Kyle Summers) and son Easton Kyle, Micah and his wife (Paige) and daughter Adalynn, and Sean. Together they have five dogs, two cats, one ferret, four mini donkeys, six dairy goats, and about twelve chickens. Lynette loves spending her spare time just being with her family. Lynette looks forward to seeing many of her friends as well as some new faces at the clinic.


   Kayleigh Shirey has applied to the Veterinary Tech Program at Jefferson State. Kayleigh is the daughter of Ben and Robin Shirey and has one brother, Jay. Kayleigh's free time is spent Barrel racing and at the barn with her animals. Kayleigh looks forward to meeting you. 


     Welcome Taylor Houston to our staff. Taylor is a Junior at North Jackson High School and her future plans are to become a doctor. She loves to spend time with her family and friends. Taylor looks forward to seeing you.


   Welcome Jonell Pell to our staff. Jonell has worked in vet clinics many years and enjoys seeing all the animals. She looks forward to meeting you. 


     Welcome Holly Jernigan to our staff. Holly is a graduate of Jefferson state Community college. Holly is a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Holli is the mother of 2 boys and she lives in Stevenson. She hopes to see you soon. 


     Welcome Leah Talley to our staff. Leah is a student at Chattanooga State. She enjoys her job and looks forward to seeing you soon.


     Welcome Chandler Summers to our staff. Chandler is a student at Northeast Alabama Community College. He loves to hunt and fish. He is the son of Charlie and Lori summers of Bridgeport and has a sister Lanie. Chandler looks forward to meeting you.


     Welcome Cheynne Danley to our staff.

   Welcome Machelle McCrary to our staff. Machelle is a former employee of the North Jackson Progress Newspaper which recently retired. She looks forward to meeting you.

Welcome Jordan Crump to our staff.jc