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Virtual Office Tour


HELLO, and welcome to North Jackson Animal Clinic. My name is WORM. I live here,and except for Dr. Smith, I have been a part  of North Jackson Animal Clinic longer than anyone else. Dr. Smith has been a big part of my life. When I was a tiny puppy I had a heart problem. Dr. Smith operated on my heart, saved my life, and gave me a home, surrounded with loving and caring people.

I live here and am one of the clinic blood donors. I know all about this place, and the people who care for all these animals.  


How would you like a tour? I would be more than glad to show you around. 


The Veterinary Medicine Symbol you see as you enter the clinic, serves as a reminder to pets and people that qualified doctors and staff members are waiting to help you.

This is our Reception Area...


The actual process begins and ends at this desk. Owners are responsible for this part of the process. They do all the talking. They check us in, explain why we are here, buy our flea or heartworm products, pick up medications, and when the time is right, they check us out and take us home. 


This is MEG-my friend and the "clinic cat". She serves as the supervisor of this area. She loves attention from pets and owners alike.

Next it is on to the Exam Room...


A staff member will take your record and ask your owner to come into one of our three exam rooms. A medical team member will begin the physical exam. They will get your weight, take your temperature, and retrieve  the dreaded fecal sample.They will look you over head to tail.  

It is your job to cooperate with the team while lights are shined in your eyes, your mouth is stretched open wide for tooth inspection, a thorough investigation of your ear takes place, and if needed, vaccinations are given.

Sometimes the doctor will need to get a blood sample, or scrape the skin looking for mites, or clues to your skin issues. OUCH !!

It is O.K. to yelp when it hurts, but don't bite. Remember this is for your own good.

From the exam room you may be able to see our large user friendly Treatment Area.


span style="font-size:16px;">This is where more serious care takes place. When very sick or seriously injured pets need additional care, this is where they come.


The staff spends a large part of their day working in this area. They are always working to help somebody's loved one. Some pets need IV fluids, others stitches. Some need wounds cleaned,while others need ears cleaned. Lots of things happen here.


Over to your left you will see a surgery table where operations take place. You can not believe what these doctors can do.  Broken bones have been fixed; babies have been delivered; surgical procedures have been performed on eyes and ears just to name a few. Many animals have "napped" on this table while being repaired, altered, or helped in some other way.

Recovery takes place in this area, too. It is easy to keep an eye on one waking up from surgery, while you help another needy pet.


In the back of this area sits the microscope. Our doctors and team members take turns looking  in there to gain information. I have never personally looked in the microscope, but I know owners who have.The microscope is a valuable tool in the search for parasites and other tiny enemies of healthy pets.


The treatment area is a convenient location for our in-house pharmacy.We all need medications from time to time. A pharmacy is a necessary part of any veterinary practice.


I have seen many kinds of animals with various types of medical problems treated here. Baby calves and newborn horses have been right here. Everything from goats to birds visit this area if they are seriously sick, or need extra attention.

I hope you are healthy. But just in case, the staff is ready.


Our X-Ray room is directly adjacent to the treatment area. X-Rays provide information about parts of the body we can not see any other way. Identifying broken or dislocated  bones is one common use of x-rays. Sometimes objects swallowed by some of us, are seen with the use of x-ray. At North Jackson Animal Clinic we use digital x-ray. This allows our doctors to zoom in, or rotate the image freely. The doctor can get an excellent view of the situation.


It does not hurt. Just lay on the table and let the professional take a picture.The picture is then placed in a computer and studied. Our staff has seen tennis balls and peach pits, as well as unborn puppies and kittens. Horses do not lay on this table. Their x-rays are taken standing up. Here Melissa and Justine are demonstrating how to take an x-ray.

No veterinary clinic is complete without an in-house lab. These machines are very valuable in providing diagnostic information to our doctors and staff.


Another way you learn about things inside your body is by the use of a blood sample. A doctor or technician can test a small amount of blood and gain a large amount of valuable information about things going on inside of us. This blood profile will supply the doctor with information not detected by sight or touch. The blood profile helps alert medical professionals to the presence of dehydration, anemia, infection, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, or other medical problems.

Urine samples are also information providers and can be tested in this lab.This enables a speedy diagnosis, and treatment can begin right away.



This is our main Ultrasound area. This is another machine we can use to see inside your body and take pictures without having surgery. It also is a good way to see pregnancy and how things are progressing.


Our own Gordon Setter named Justine would love to show you the kennel area. She has her own pad and special friends. 

Inside this large room, you will find isolation cages, standard cages, and larger cages. All of these serve different purposes or contain different size animals.


This is the Our Newly Renovated Bath and Sink area.


It even has steps and a door for easy access.


Through the next blue-gray door is an another Large Kennel area


These runs are 3-4 ft wide and 8-10 feet long. Each pet has a clean, private, safe area that is heated and cooled. Across from these runs are more banks of standard cages, another tub, a grill table and storage areas for food and belongings of animals staying with us.

These are our Outdoor Facilities. We have large spacious private kennels outdoors. On sunny days we can soak up the sun and have some fun.On cooler days it can be closed up so we can relax and chill in our own space.


We also have a Large Animal facility. We can work on your horses, cattle and such. We can safely and securely treat your animals by using our chutes and head gates.


Dental work is also performed in this area.